The Buzz....

Rumors of a clan dominating the MOH servers have all the other clans in fear for their servers rankings. Rumors have it that the {BMB} Clan are coming up through the ranks. The (BMB) Clan have shown to be the "SOLDIERS IN CHARGE" (THAT'S an understatement!). This clan's server started in 368th place and has come to break the TOP 15 servers in RECORD time! We have recently taken 12th place! THIS clan has shown their TRUE ABILITIES!

We at the Big Men's Battleground {BMB} clan, want to be THE place you take your frustrations out at!

We have EXPERIENCED Administrators that don't take kindly to cheaters. Because of this, we ask ALL cheaters to go play on other servers. If you ARE caught cheating, you WILL BE BANNED FROM THE SERVER.

But, we are a fair. We like to have fun and keep order.

If you enjoy a good game of war, THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME!

You can find out about the {BMB} Clan by coming to one of our 2 servers!

Come see if the rumors are true, IF you think you have the GUTS....

We'll save a GRAVE for ya!


Blue Skies Design