Clan Application Form
Birthdate/Age (minimum age 15)
In-game name
Where did you hear about the {BMB} clan?
What makes you want to join the {BMB} clan?
Have you ever been in another clan?
How often do you play MOH?
Tell us a little about yourself
Do you use ANY modifications to your game?
If yes, what mods do you use?
Do you have any interest in being an Administrator? (this requires an on-going small donation to help the clan keep going)
Lastly.....Tell us why you think we should accept you in the clan
We appreciate your interest in the {BMB} Clan! Please keep in mind that not all applicants are accepted into the clan. You must "PROVE" yourself by playing on our servers and NOT CHEATING! (this includes ALL hacks such as: Wallhack, Aimbot, Glow skins, no-fog, or ANY other cheats that enhance your gameplay) With the exception of the Weapon mod that is available on our website.

After your application is recieved, one or more Admins will watch you play for a couple of days and then we will base our decision on the info we receive.

If you are accepted in the clan, we expect you to play fair and NOT cheat at ANY time. Also, we are a family oriented clan and would appreciate your language reflect that fact.

~You have as good a chance to be accepted as anyone else...It's up to YOU whether you make the cut to be one of our Soldiers!~


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